Ian Bailey

Ian has a tonne of experience when it comes to back and front end systems, especially integrating the two. He’s built websites, implemented CRMs and outbound marketing systems and then made them talk to each other as well! Outside of work, Ian is often out and about with his family, usually trying to find Pokémon!

Recent Posts by Ian Bailey

Top 5 CRM Systems of 2017

Posted by Ian Bailey on 26 April 2017

Starting to use a CRM system for your hotel, bar, restaurant or venue, could be a decision that completely changes your business. A CRM system when correctly implemented, can help with business transparency, efficiency, organisation, custom retention and importantly, it can help you to close more sales.

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An Introduction to Google Analytics

Posted by Ian Bailey on 30 March 2017
What is Google Analytics? Why do I need it and how will it help my hospitality business?

Imagine this scenario. You have just started selling tickets for an upcoming event at your hotel, bar, restaurant or venue. You’ve published social media posts and done some marketing, that’s great! You want to sell more tickets, but what's next?
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Is Salesforce Right For You?

Posted by Ian Bailey on 9 March 2017

Introducing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution into your hospitality business is a massive decision. If implemented correctly, it can create huge efficiencies within your hotel, restaurant, bar or event venue business. Not only from an employee perspective, but for the entire business. So, why choose Salesforce as your CRM provider?

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