Top 5 Landing Page Software 2017

Posted by Matthew Payne on 10 May 2017

What is a landing page? Any page on a website is technically a landing page in the literal sense, as it's a page visitors 'land' on when arriving at your venue or hotels website. However, more commonly the phrase 'landing page' correlates with standalone web pages used for online marketing and advertising.

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10 Examples Of Awesome Venue Websites

Posted by Matthew Payne on 18 April 2017

Venue websites must be beautifully designed and engaging to entice visitors into choosing their location over the various alternatives available. It's not simply enough to have an online presence in 2017, venues must also think about a website's goals and functionality. Keep in mind your website may be the first interaction a new customer has with your business, so it will speak volumes about your brand and quality expectations.

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5 Ways to Improve your Customer Experience

Posted by Tom Burn on 24 February 2017

Customer experience is everything. The way your customers feel, the interactions they have and their entire end-to-end journey with your brand define this experience.

This can refer to physical interactions (such as the cleanliness of your venue) and the non-physical (digital) interactions with your brand. We will be focussing on the latter of the two, looking at the Martech (Marketing Technology), which can support you in improving your customer's experience.

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How Much Should Your New Website Cost?

Posted by James Ketchell on 22 February 2017

Why do website prices vary so much? As an agency, we hear this all the time. Along with, “we saw a TV commercial that tells us we can buy a website for as little as £99”. And “our son's friend has been learning web design at school and has offered to do it for nothing”. At the same time, we often hear of large multinationals paying seven-figure sums for website design!

How can there be such disparity in pricing? This article hopes to explain the top level factors that together create a price for a website.

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5 Capabilities Your Next Hospitality Marketing Agency Must Possess

Posted by Tom Burn on 17 February 2017

Marketing technology (Martech) is constantly evolving and the capabilities of Marketing Agencies must evolve as well if they are wanting to stay at the forefront of their industry. They need to be offering their clients the latest marketing services and executing successful and measurable digital marketing strategies in 2017 and beyond.

Does your marketing agency tick all the boxes when it comes to growing your hospitality business?

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